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Notre savoir-faire

An expertise

With the principle of controlling and respecting the natural balance in the soil and the plant, we take particular care at each stage of the production cycle.

In this way, we ensure that the vine and its ecosystem live without assistance to respect our heritage and the grapes as much as possible.

By respecting the fruit and its typical characteristics, we produce wines expressing all the authenticity of their terroirs.

Respect for the terroirs and the environment are the watchwords when it comes to caring for the vines and ageing the wines:

– All the work in the vineyard is carried out by hand: from leaf removal to debudding, and from trellising to harvesting.

– Concerning the sweet wines, the grapes are harvested after several tries, 100% Botrytis or noble rot (naturally concentrated in sugars).

– White wines are made and aged in oak barrels. Nothing is left to chance: wood origin (Allier, Tronçais forest, Nièvre, etc.), the type of toasting and the cooper skills are chosen according to the type of wine and the nature of the soil.

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