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A team of experts

At Château Soucherie, Pascale and Roger-François Béguinot are fulfilling their lifelong dream of creating a place where wine and nature are in perfect harmony, a place to experience and share.

They have given a new impetus to the estate by switching to organic viticulture in order to respect respect our heritage and the grapes as much as possible. The cellar is an extension of the vineyard, with attention paid to the fruit and its typical character.

They rely on a young and dynamic team with a perfect knowledge of the world of wine: from the vines and their terroir, to the wine and its gastronomic associations.

Géraldine Ammar
Géraldine Ammar
In charge of administration and accommodation

After working with Mr Beguinot for several years, Géraldine moved to the estate in 2009 to take charge of administration and accommodation.

Fuaed Ammar
Fuaed Ammar
Versatile employee

Living at La Soucherie with his wife Géraldine, Fuaed looks after the upkeep of the guest rooms and prepares orders.

Vianney de Tastes
Vianney de Tastes
Managing director

This son of a Bordeaux winegrower, who holds a Master's degree in ``Wine Estate Management`` from Bordeaux Sciences Agro, arrived in January 2019 to make our wines and oversee all the estate's activities.

Franck Merlet
Franck Merlet
Tractor driver

After working in a number of different sectors, Franck successfully converted to growing vines when he joined La Soucherie in 2017.

Sébastien Groneau
Sébastien Groneau
Responsable of the wine cellar

Son of a Loire winegrower, Sébastien joined the estate in 2007 after completing his BTS in winegrowing and winemaking. Since then, he has worked meticulously on the vinification and ageing of our wines under the guidance of Vianney.

Alexandrine Marie
Alexandrine Marie
In charge of wine tourism and events

With a Master’s degree 'Marketing, Sales and Wine Trade' from Montpellier Management, Alexandrine is the 'youngest' at the estate. She is in charge of welcoming our visitors and organising events at La Soucherie.

Daddy et Happy
Daddy Cool & Happy
Our ponies

In the middle of our vineyards, Happy and Daddy Cool live peacefully to the rhythm of the grape harvest and are just waiting to be petted as you stroll along.

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