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Dans son article sur « Loire Valley Producers Respond To Consumer Demand For Organic Wine« , Forbes a échangé avec Vianney au sujet de la certification « Agriculture Biologique » du domaine :

« Chateau de la Soucherie in Anjou has been producing wine since the end of the nineteenth century. After decades of sustainable vineyard practices, in 2019, winery manager Vinney De Tastes implemented a conversion to organic farming. 2022 will be the winery’s first label under the new certification.


Hailing from a Bordeaux winemaking family, De Tastes believes wine is made in the vineyard, and focuses on viticulture. Utilizing bees as a way of ensuring the vineyard is in good health and to increase biodiversity of native flora and beneficial insects, and sheep in the winter to clean under the vines, De Tastes seeks “purity” in the wines, believing this is achieved without the use of pesticides and herbicides.


“We put 95% of our efforts in the vineyard. If we have to do more than 5% in the cellar, we aren’t doing something right in the vineyard,” he shares. Adding, “the less we do in the cellar, the better I feel about the wine.” »

Voir l’article sur le site Forbes.

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